Power Takeoff Drive Generators

PTO generators (Power takeoff driven generators) are an incredibly useful generator for farmers. These generators are all the more necessary for those businesses where you need a consistent source of power. They are completely reliable, easy to operate and probably extremely practical when it comes to getting optimal source of power. These generators are also relatively cheaper than the conventional generators, primarily because they don’t come with an in-built engine and you won’t really have to worry about using an additional engine. The alternator of these generators are usually brushless, this in turn makes it maintenance free. The brushless alternators ensure that the generators have a longer service life compared to the conventional generators, powered by diesel. You do not have to check on it from time to time and it doesn’t have any inconsistency while you start out either. In the following section, we will give you a detailed insight on everything that you wanted to know about the PTO or Power Takeoff driven generators.

More efficient than conventional generators

Also known as tractor generators, these generators are usually designed as a standby or mobile source of electric power. Being powered by the power takeoff unit of tractors, these generators are extremely useful for farmers. Unlike the conventional diesel powered generators, here, you won’t need a built-in generator engine. Usually, a generator comprises of an alternator and an engine. But when you use a tractor, you already have the necessary engine. In that case, all you need to do is connect the alternator for driving the shaft and producing electricity. This is exactly where a power takeoff driven generator comes in. This generator does not have any engine; rather, it uses the power from the engine of the tractor for generating electricity. This is a process of taking mechanical power from any external engine (like that of your tractor) in order to power any other application like a generator.

Working mechanism of the power takeoff driven generator

A power take-off driven generator employs the method of taking the power from any source like a running engine and then transmitting that power to an application like that of a separate machine or an attached implement.

Usually, this system comprises of a splined shaft for generating output on either truck or a tractor. It is designed in such a manner that one can connect or disconnect the power take-off shaft easily. It also comes with an input shaft which is placed on the application end. This power take-off lets the implement draw the necessary energy from the engine.

A power-takeoff which is semi permanently mounted can be found on the marine and industrial engines. These applications, in turn, use bolted joints and drive shafts for transmitting the power to an accessory or a secondary implement. For marine applications, these shafts are used for powering the fire pumps.

Advantages of using power take-off driven generators

One of the primary advantages of using power take-off driven generators is simply the fact that it offers power anywhere, at anytime. When you connect this generator to a tractor engine, the basic requirements of keeping up and maintaining the generator are reduced. The possibilities of failure are absolutely less. Therefore, these generators are extremely reliable and they require lesser work and downtime. While the tractors need to be maintained just like a farm truck, these PTO generators do not require any heavy maintenance.

The PTO generators are also comparatively energy efficient than the conventional gas and diesel generators. This is primarily because of the PTO generators depends on the efficiency of the shaft of the tractor engines for power drives. This in turn, provides high-efficiency power. It also offers full electrification of the barn.

Besides being used as general equipment for farmers, these generators are also equally useful for emergency electricity requirements. Due to this reason, these generators are widely used by companies that specialize in tractor powered generators. These generators also cost relatively less when compared to a diesel powered generator which is completely mobile. For instance, a 25,000 watt generator driven by diesel has enough power to light a big home. However, it might cost $8000 or more. But with a PTO generator, you can get the same 25,000 watt power at price lesser than $2500.

A PTO generator is energy efficient, less extravagant and extremely useful when it comes to meet power requirements on a consistent level.

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