Power Inverter Generators

With the power situation not becoming any better with each passing day, there is a need to look for alternate and temporary sources of power. Towards this objective there is no doubt that going in for power inverters generators would be a good idea. However, there is a need to have some basic understanding and information about these generators. From a layman’s point of view when we talk about inverter generator we are referring to a power generating device. The engine of the generator is connected to an alternator which has to be efficient and reliable. The alternator produces AC electricity and is the same as that of any conventional generator. There are also many inverters which use rectifiers to convert DC to AC power. However, it would be pertinent to mention that most of the power units in the country and perhaps around the world have shifted to AC power and DC power is very rarely used. Though other forms of conventional generators are used there are obviously some benefits and advantage as far as these forms of generators are concerned. Let us have a look at them over the next few lines.

Difference Between Inverter Generator And Conventional Generators

There are some basic differences between power inverters generators and conventional generators. When we talk about conventional generators we are referring to generators which generate AC power and use the same to light up homes and the various appliances that are used in it. On the other hand when we talk about inverters, they need a rectifier for converting DC into AC and then divert the AC power to the various end-use sources. The term inverter generator has now been replaced by inverters. Hence when we see any “inverters” we are actually looking at a device which has the technology of converting DC into AC technology. As mentioned above, there are hardly any homes or workplaces or even factories where DC technology is now being used.

What Are The Benefits Of Inverter Generators

There are obviously a number of benefits as far as power inverters generators are concerned. One of the biggest challenges with generators is that it makes lot of sound and noise. Hence it could be a big disturbance to the owners and others. This problems can be avoided when one choose inverter generators. This is because they use a modern and innovative technology to help convert DC power into AC power using high frequency. This helps in eliminating power fluctuations which is usually associated with generators, especially those belonging to the older models

Further when you choose generators you have to choose a constant speed of transmission of power and no customization is possible. However this problem can be avoided when you decide to go in for a power inverter device. These inverter machines have engines which have the capability of running at variable speeds depending on the load that it is supposed to cater.

Fuel efficiency is another big advantage as far as power inverters generators are concerned. since the speed of the engine is automatically adjusted, they produce only that much of power which is needed. Hence the demand for fuel also gets reduced significantly. On the other hand all conventional generators run at a constant speed of 3600 rpm. Inverters can run at a slower rpm and still maintain the right frequency and generate the right power. There are studies to prove that using inverters can reduce fuel consumption by as much as 40% in many cases.

How To Choose The Right Inverter Generators

There are quite a few important points to be kept in mind when it comes to choosing the right power inverters generators. To begin with you must identify the power consumption which you need before choosing these generators. These inverter generators are available in different capacities and sizes. The next important thing is to choose the right fuel source for powering these inverter generators. You could use either gas or oil and this would depend on the place where it is being used. Further you also must choose between portable and fixed inverter generators. This again would be directly linked to the end use of these devices. Finally, there are other attributes like on/off switches, auto switch off facilities, auto switchover when normal power supply is stopped and other such parameters which must be taken into account.


At the end of the day there is no doubt that choosing the right inverter generator could go a long way in making life easy especially in today’s world where regular power outages are becoming a way of life.

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