Portable Generators

We all know how frustrating power blackout can be; they occur at any time when you need electric power the most; therefore having a backup source of electricity can help. A portable generator is one device that can provide a temporally electric power where and when you need it. Unlike other types of generators, these are basically portable by ‘nature’ and are either powered by gasoline, diesel propane and natural gas to create a usable electricity. Each of these designs has their advantage and disadvantages, which is why it is important to choose carefully. Portable generators are available in different sizes, types, and a whole range of features.

Features of portable generators


As noted portable generators are portable, most of them weighing just 200 pounds or less. Check whether the model you choose has wheels; it could help to roll the generator around, rather than having to pick it up.


Portable generators are powerful enough to keep the freezer, refrigerator and other appliances up and running. All generators are sold on the power they can provide, and some portable generators may not have enough power output to run everything in your house, so it is also important to check whether the models you pick will be able to provide the power you need. Portable generators power ranges from 1,000-10,000 watts, but typically, you need to purchase a model with 10 to 20 percent more power than you need. Choose a portable generator that can continuously supply you with the maximum amount of power that you intend to use.

Electric start and manually shut off feature: 

Many portable generators do have electric start, which can be quite helpful, but of course, there are those that have a starter rope, which can be helpful if the battery dies. Many portable generators have a manual fuel shutoff switch that prevents leaks as well as preventing fuel from being trapped in the system.

Fuel usage: 

The gasoline-portable generators are the cheapest, but storing fuel might be an issue as some community restricts gas storage to a certain limit, not to mention gasoline itself has a limited storage life. Propane Portable generators eliminate the need to store gasoline for the generators and have unlimited shelf life. There are those that are powered by diesel. The portable diesel generators are more efficient; they are more quite, have the longest engine life, and are surprisingly not expensive compared to other types.

It’s important to know that some manufacturer recommends use of pure gasoline with not ethanol additives, to add a longer life on generators and for smoother operation.


Every time you are dealing with electricity, safety is of ultimate importance. Portable generators come with a range of safety features that reduces the risk of injury or damage. All portable generators feature a circuit breaker protection that prevents overload. Also, there is an efficient mechanism that that regulate the voltage. Other have an inverter technology that allows production of clean energy. There is also a shutoff feature mentioned above, that is designed to stop the engine when fuel gets too low, protecting the motor and the generators life.

Uses of portable generators

In essence, a portable generator can supply power to all vital electrical devices around home when facing a blackout, or outside when you are camping, and some medium to the larger portable generator can be used on construction sites to operate working tools. They are as powerful as other generators, and you can plug in all electrical appliance or tools to the generator sockets, or the generator can be professionally be wired into the subpanel of your home. Most residential portable generators run on gasoline, but there are models you will find running on L.P, natural or all three. The construction and industrial portable generators are perfect for different industrial applications. Most of them run on gasoline or diesel.

The fact that portable generator do not provide the power output as standby generators make some people think that it’s not a savvy investment, but it is. The main appeal over a standby option is saving so if of course price is a deciding factor, a portable generator is an ideal option. Other than that, it convenient and can be a real life saver, when camping, around the house and on job sites.

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