Inverter Generators

In today’s world with the rise in population, it is gradually becoming more and more difficult to keep up with the supply of energy. These generators run when the main power supply goes off. You can also use one of these as your primary source of power. Major cities and towns are facing an acute shortage of power and electricity. There are more frequent power cuts and load sheddings and due to these our daily life gets hampered. That is why it is advisable to use inverter generators. These generators help to make life a lot easier when you are facing power cuts or power shortages. That is why homes and office owners are now equipping their places with inverter generators. They have a lot of advantages than regular generators and very less noisy. Alternative energy devices are being improved by new technologies and the inverter generator is certainly a huge boon.

The inverter generator is more efficient

The inverter generator is similar to your main power supply unit except that it fully the combines and harnesses the power of DC current generation with a very controlled DC to AC inverter which provides a clean and steady flow of current. This device is used to run your house or office and also provides efficient power to your electrical devices. An inverter generator is very efficient, it saves fuel, it is almost noise free and can be installed and used anywhere. The electrical current or power that we use mostly in our home is called alternating current, or AC. This basically means that the current flow rapidly changes or alternates in direction. As the current changes the voltage rises and falls. Electricity companies use a very smooth wave of current to supply buildings and residences. This power is subject to power cuts and load sheddings and other current related issues. This is where a power inverter generator steps in and saves you a whole lot of trouble.

Working of a generator

Electrical equipment cannot use or consume power directly. They need to do with through an alternate power source or AC current. An inverter generator helps to create an AC power through a two step process. In the first step of the process it generates direct current DC power and then it converts it to Alternate Current AC power through a micro processor controlled inverter. This way of producing power and current has many advantages which we see in our daily day to day activities when we use our electrical equipment. The micro processor controls the speed of the engine and helps in producing a very clean and consistent line of power. If the device draws more power, more engine speed is produced and the voltage does not change. Inverter generators also use less amount of fuel as the power is not always at a constant level and only that much amount of power which is required is supplied to the working device.

Advantages of a power inverter generator

Inverter generators have more advantages and uses than your conventional generator. They are quieter than your conventional generator. Conventional generators were very loud and used to be a nuisance to turn on. Inverter generators on the other hand are very quiet and do not produce any kind of noise. They are also very small and easy to carry. They are very light than most other generators and are 20 percent more fuel efficient than regular generators. They also have lots of features like a display panel which displays the power and current, temperature, etc. They also have options when they can switch automatically to power when the main current goes off. An inverter generator is a good option to consider if you are facing constant power shortages and cuts in your neighborhood. These generators can be a good investment and requires very little maintenance. You can opt to install a generator in your home, office, residence, factory, garage, warehouse, etc wherever you need it. Most come with a plastic case which has wheels attached to it so that you can carry and transport it anywhere you want. Inverter generators have surely changed the face of generators and now even you can buy one too from your nearest retail electronic store or even online.

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